Glass Cabinets Geelong

Do you live or work in Geelong? Have you found that your school or workplace is not as organized as it could be, or do you need somewhere to display pieces for visitors and clients to view? Why not consider a glass cabinet designed and installed by Whiteboards R Us? They will suit a range of uses in your Geelong home, business or school and we can custom make one to your specifications.

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How To Clean Whiteboard Erasers

Most whiteboards are cleaned every day after a long day of being used, but have you ever thought about where all that ink goes? It is also important to remember to clean the whiteboard eraser on occasion. Most erasers are made from a spongy foam, chenille or felt, which can make them more difficult to clean.

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Mobile Stands Cranbourne

Do you work in a school, shop or office in Cranbourne? Have you found that your existing whiteboard and chalkboards are awkwardly positioned, or that you would just really benefit from having a board that is moveable? Well, you’re in luck as Whiteboards R Us stock a range of highly versatile and useful mobile stands in a variety of combinations to suit your Cranbourne business’ needs.

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Toorak Pinboards

Do you own a business in Toorak that is in need of new ways of storing notes and notices? Ever considered buying a pinboard to do the job? For versatile and attractive ways of displaying important notes for yourself and your employees, Whiteboards R Us is here to help Toorak with their range of standard and custom made pinboards.

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Whiteboards in Dandenong

Have you recently established an office or shop in Dandenong, or do you work in one of Dandenong’s schools? You may not have realized it, but you might be in dire need of whiteboards for your school or business. These are highly versatile and useful tools for any industry, and the team at Whiteboards R Us is ready to help you install or refurbish your Dandenong business today!

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How To Recycle Whiteboard Markers

If you work in a school or business that uses an excessive amount of whiteboard markers every year, the thought of whether they are recyclable may have crossed your mind once or twice. Unfortunately, a lot of the manufacturers don’t actually post recycling information on their websites – but yes, most are recyclable!

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Brighton Chalkboards

Do you work in a school that is in or around Brighton? Schools are constantly in need up undated fixtures, but nothing goes past the good old chalkboard. Not only do children love writing and drawing on them, chalkboards can also be more cost effective than their whiteboard counterparts as chalk is cheaper than whiteboard markers. At Whiteboards R Us, we can supply your Brighton school with a range of standard sized and custom made chalkboards.

If you have been put off updating the chalkboards in your Brighton school because you haven’t been able to find the time to travel into Melbourne or all the school supply businesses are too far away, don’t let this stop you any more – the team at Whiteboards R Us can come to you in Brighton, making sure that the new or refurbished chalkboards in your school will be the best fit possible.

At Whiteboards R Us, we have 20 years experience in chalkboard manufacturing and school fit outs, showing that we really know what we’re talking about when it comes to which chalkboards to use in your Brighton school. Our dedicated staff will communicate with you and your staff to ensure that all your needs are met in a timely and functional manner. If you would prefer a custom made chalkboard for use in your Brighton school, we can design one to meet your specifications.

As well as our range of chalkboards, Whiteboards R Us can supply you with anything that your Brighton school could possibly need, including whiteboards, glass cabinets, Pinboards and mobile stands. If you would like any of these productscustom board  for your Brighton school, our dedicated team would be happy to do this for you.

Not working in a Brighton school? Whiteboards R Us services schools and businesses in Brighton and all Melbourne suburbs, including Dandenong and Berwick, as well as all Victorian country areas. Contact us today to see if we have a chalkboard for you.

Balwyn Whiteboards

Do you live or work in Balwyn and are sick of using your whiteboard markers and whiteboard erasers on dirty old boards? At Whiteboards R Us, supply a range of dry-erase boards, from standard sized to custom made, to suit an array of commercial and personal uses in Balwyn, meaning your whiteboard markers and whiteboard erasers will be put to better use.

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How To Remove Vinyl Wall Coverings

If you would like to redecorate your classroom, office or home but are faced with unattractive vinyl wall coverings, you may be at a loss of how to remove it. While vinyl coverings offer the benefits of being durable, brighter and longer lasting than generic wallpaper, it can be difficult to remove at a later date.

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Bendigo Pinboards

Own a business in Bendigo that could use a refresher in how you look after important notes and notices? Pinboards are both a versatile and attractive way of displaying papers, so why not consider in investing in some for your office? Whiteboards R Us is ideally placed to help out all businesses in the Bendigo area with their wide range of standard-sized and custom-made pinboards.

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