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How To Remove Whiteboard Marker From Clothing

28 May, 2012 - Category : Whiteboard

With whiteboards now being found in some many different locations, from school to home, many people are finding that they need to remove whiteboard marker stains from their children’s uniforms and even from their own good work shirts. If you have some clothing items that have been stained with marker ink, it is possible to remove it easily from the fabric:

  • Try some rubbing alcohol on the whiteboard marker stain. Test it on an inconspicuous area of the clothing first (such as under the armpit) to make sure that it won’t affect the fabric in any way. If it doesn’t, put some rubbing alcohol onto a washcloth and blot at the stain. Wash the item as usual once the stain is gone.
  • Try some oil soap on the whiteboard marker stain. Lay the clothing out on a clean towel (one you don’t mind getting dirty) and gently dab at the stain using a washcloth that has been soaked in oil soap. You can use a brush or scraper to remove some of the more stubborn spots once the oil soap has been applied. Wash the item as usual.
  • Try some dishwashing detergent on the whiteboard marker stain. Use a clean, damp sponge dipped into the detergent to rub at the stain, making sure to rinse the sponge frequently. Wash the item as usual.

Once you have washed the clothing, be sure that you check the stain before putting the item into the dryer, as if it hasn’t been completely removed the heat will only set it into the fabric further. If the whiteboard marker stain hasn’t been completely removed, re-treat it with one of the methods above and wash again.