Whiteboards R Us manufactures a variety of products that are essential for the smooth operation of and communication within medical institutes. It doesn’t matter what medical profession you work in – hospitals, clinics, rehab, therapy or doctor’s surgeries – we are sure to have the products you need. Some of the specific medical whiteboards that we are able to provide include: patient room, patient and triage status, room coverage, nurse’s station, nurse and staff assignment, surgery schedule, surgery count, operating room planner, rehab and therapy schedules, therapy and radiology planners, labor progress, and patient admissions.

If none of the above whiteboards for hospital rooms are able to accommodate your needs, we can custom make one to fit. Custom patient whiteboards will be laser engraved (which is permanent and can only be applied to vitreous enamel surfaces), as this will help to avoid the stains and marks that come with such a high usage environment.

These days, patient whiteboards are being introduced into most wards. They are being used to promote communication between the patient and the nurses and doctors caring for them. These practices have been found to increase patient satisfaction, as well as to improve communication.

The information conveyed through hospital whiteboards communication includes: the patient’s preferred name, nurse’s and doctor’s names, care plan goals (such as pain management), planned discharge date, and the patient’s preferences, questions and concerns.For more information on how Whiteboards R Us can equip medical institutes with much-needed boards, contact us today!