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Mobile Whiteboard

Item Description:
  • Solid, welded, powder coated steel stand
  • Lockable castors
  • Pivoting
  • Single or double sided with any combination of whiteboard, chalkboard or pin board
  • Available in two types of writing surface – Commercial (Acrylic) and Vitreous Enamel (Porcelain / Ceramic)






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Further information

We manufacture 2 types of writing surface, both are a steel based, hence they are both are magnetic.
One surface is called Acrylic.

This surface is a pre painted product, and is coated in a similar way to colourbond steel. As it is essentially a painted surface, hence, slightly porous, whiteboard markers tend to ‘bleed” below the surface. This is not a problem, but it means the board will require much more cleaning. If written information is left on the surface for extended periods, it will leave a ghost residue. Usually what happens with this surface if used in a large organization is that no one takes the responsibility of maintaining the board, and eventually the surface begins to stain heavily, and will not clean. Usually the next thing to happen is that the board is cleaned with jiff or an abrasive cleaner. When this occurs, the surface is permanently damaged. This surface is good for a very small office where there are one or two people responsible for the care of the board and a low usage.

The other surface is Vitreous Enamel (Porcelain/Ceramic). This surface is glass baked onto steel. Being a glass surface, it will not scratch, and glass being non porous, markers will not “bleed” below the surface, which means that it is easier to clean and it is far more durable.

Mobile Whiteboards – Available Size
  • 1200×900
  • 1200×1200
  • 1500×900
  • 1500×1200
  • 1800×900
  • 1800×1200
  • 2400×900
  • 2400×1200