Whiteboards R Us manufactures a range of products that are necessary and highly useful in any school or learning environment. Regardless of whether your teaching lays in nursery, primary, secondary or even tertiary schools, we are sure to have the products you need. We are the manufacturers of education grade whiteboards, pinboards and a range of variations that make teaching your students that little bit easier. For example, we can create music stave whiteboards for music classes and term or year planners for use in staff rooms. These custom boards are created by applying a design to a whiteboard through vinyl cutting (the most cost effective, as the coloured grid will only be semi-permanent), laser engraving (permanent, but can only be completed in black), or digital printing (which involves the design being printed onto a vinyl sheet and then laminated to the surface of a whiteboard).

For classrooms that are prone to creating an excessive amount of noise (such as the music, drama and woodwork rooms) or those that border onto noisy areas of the school (such as the yard, gyms and corridors), you could use complete wall acoustic pinboards to muffle incoming and outgoing sound. These pinboards are also handy for displaying student work and important notices. As the technology used in teaching is ever evolving, we are also able to manufacture a low gloss (or anti-glare) whiteboard that can be used in conjunction with more interactive technologies (such as projectors). This makes it much easier on teaching staff who do not have to move their students in order to use technology. For more information on how Whiteboards R Us can help to fitout your school, contact us today!

Rear view of high-school students in a classroom, during lesson. Girl responding to teacher's question.