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Whiteboards R Us manufactures a range of products that are necessary and highly useful in any school or learning environment. Regardless of whether your teaching lays in nursery, primary



Whiteboards R Us is able to help building contractors with the supply of a range of products that are both necessary and useful onsite and in the office. No matter what sort of contractor



Whiteboards R Us is the manufacturer of a range of products that are necessary and beneficial in getting a corporate business to run as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t matter what sort



Whiteboards R Us manufactures a variety of products that are essential for the smooth operation of and communication within medical institutes. It doesn’t matter what medical profession



  • Property Manager, St Margarates School, Berwick


    “Our Property Manager first conducted business with Whiteboards ‘R’ Us when he was working for Toorak College, located in Mount Eliza.

    As the buildings at Toorak College were heritage listed, it was one of his tasks to keep the heritage buildings maintained on the outside, whilst getting a more modern theme on the inside of the buildings without any detriment to the building’s themselves.

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  • Metro Trains, Melbourne


    “As Project 7 Consultancy in the United Kingdom was engaged by Metro Rail to assist in their rail network improvement, we needed a whiteboard manufacturer to produce highly custom made “Visual Management” boards to be rolled out throughout the Metro Trains offices and maintenance facilities throughout Melbourne.

    The Visual Management boards are used to monitor key areas within the organisation, and are designed to provide an instant overview of key performance indicators, relevant to each individual area. 

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  • Infinite IT Solutions, Clayton


    “We had been dealing with Whiteboards ‘R’ Us long before we placed an order with them, as we helped them in the construction of two websites to display their products.

    After rearranging our office workspace, we decided that we needed some new whiteboards that would be easily accessible by each of our staff. We also had little desire to put holes in the walls, so it was decided that mobile boards would be the way to go.

    Without hesitation, we contacted Whiteboards ‘R’ Us and made an order for two mobile whiteboards, which were delivered in a very short amount of time.

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  • National Australia Bank


    Whiteboards R Us provided excellent customer service and incredibly fast delivery to National Australia Bank. They are very friendly over the phone and highly efficient with communication, Whiteboards R Us exceeded our expectations.


  • Lotus Folding Walls & Doors Pty Ltd


    I just wanted to thank-you for the professional and effective services that you and Whiteboards Australia provided to Lotus Folding Walls and Doors.
    Not only do you get great service with a friendly smile but a great quality cost  effective product. The short turnaround’s suit our short lead times here at Lotus and helps us reach our targets and meet our budgets. So once again I thank Whiteboards Australia for an overall 10/10 performance. Certainly a company we would like to keep doing business with.


  • Sydney Trains


    Working for Sydney Trains I must say Whiteboards R Us have provided nothing but excellent customer service, efficiency, absolute quality of the products that I receive and all orders are always met with prompt action.


  • Office Furniture Group


    We have dealt with several whiteboard companies over the years and none of them compare to Whiteboards R Us. The best service and delivery you will find. Great value for money as well. A valued supplier of Office Furniture Group and Schoolfurn.