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Many people associate the humble chalkboard with the classrooms of the 1900’s, when whiteboards were only a tiny blimp on the horizon. But this really is not the case – there are a number of reasons that chalkboards in Melbourne could be highly beneficial for your school, office or home.

All chalkboards from Whiteboards R Us is solidly built, meaning that they are highly difficult to damage, and come fitted with an aluminium frame and handy chalk rail. With the wide ranges of sizes available, you are sure to find a chalkboard in Melbourne that suits your needs.

Whether you want a small chalkboard that you can hang onto your kitchen cupboard and jot down your shopping list or you need a larger one to fit across a wall of your classroom, a standard or custom made board from Whiteboards R Us is sure to do the trick.

Why buy chalkboards from us?

Product Knowledge

Our team is more than capable of providing you with the highest level of expert advice and suggestions regarding your need for chalkboards in Melbourne. We know our products inside out and back to front, so you will be in safe hands.

Custom Made

For all of those tricky corners and wall spaces, Whiteboards R Us is proud to offer a range of custom made chalkboards in Melbourne to their clients, meaning you can get the perfect fit first time, every time.